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Friday, February 26, 2010

Ribbon Knitting

I have had this ribbon yarn for a long time, and was always afraid to try knitting with it. Yes, I was intimidated.

I finally got it out when I found this lovely pattern for a simple collar calling for ribbon yarn. Well, I love it!!. It was really easy to work with, and I really didn't find it a problem. You do have to watch and make sure that you aren't twisting the ribbon too much.

This will be in my Pepper2 Store.

Most of my knitting these days has been for the "Linus Project". They provide Paul Newman's "Hole in the Wall" Camp for cancer kids with blankets for the children to take home. They have about 800 children go through the camp each summer, and each child gets a blanket. Last year we did 10 blankets. We hope to do it again this year.

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  1. Hi! The collar is lovely - I've used ribbon yarn once as an edging on a hat and it seemed to disappear! The blue flowered tablecloth is gorgeous - I love embroidery and it and your others in your shop are lovely. (following you!!)