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Friday, October 30, 2009

What a Week!!

Things are finally back to normal (whatever that is). This previous Sunday morning I had severe chest pains with vomiting. Yuck!! I called 911, and was taken to the hospital. They treated me for a heart attack, which was the wrong thing to do. They almost lost me because treating me for a heart attack lowered my blood pressure to almost nothing. They scrambled around to take away the nitro patch, and washed my skin like crazy. I was in the hospital until Tuesday afternoon, with a final diagnosis of spasms of the esophagus. Not very fashionable, but not terminal either.

While I was at the hospital, I was knitting. That is, in between tests and needle pricks. Yup, I had my son bring me my knitting so I wouldn't go absolutely crazy.

I am making another pillow cover. This one looks like a stained glass window, and I love the colors of lemon yellow, and lime green with chocolate brown. It is very close to being finished, so I should be able to put it in my store very soon. The pillow form is 12" x 12".

Meantime, as soon as I got home, I started the ipod holder that my sister requested. Her birthday is coming up on Tuesday, and I had hoped that it would be done in time, however, since I was rudely interupted, it will be a few days late. All I will say for now is that it is purple.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

Crochet Project

In between my knitting, and other little crafty things, I have been crocheting this "pillowghan".

A pillowghan is an afghan that can be folded up, and turned inside out, and it becomes a pillow. I chose some really bright colors, put them with a soft grey, and this is what the top of the pillow will look like when the pillowghan is all folded into a pillow.

The top of the pillow has a three dimensional rose. The rest of the afghan part does not have the rose, and is just a flat granny square. I chose the granny square format because this is my very first pillowghan, and I'm still figuring out how to do this. The granny square is a familiar format, and thus less stress.

The pillowghan is almost done!!, and will be posted here when it is finalized.

Stay tuned..........

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009


I knit this hat in a hurry, thinking it was just left-over yarn, and I might get a hat to give away. Well, surprise!! It turned out to be one of my favorite items. The grey is silvery, the white reminds me of a dusting of snow, and the little bits of color throughout the yarn make it special.

The fit is perfect, as the pattern stretches (or not) according to the head size.

I couldn't help but share this one. It is now in my store if you want to see more.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Christening Layette

I recently decided I wanted to do a baby set that would be suitable for a christening. I didn't realize I would be going on a journey.
I first did a white sweater, then a white hat. Next, I had to find a blanket that would fit the sweater and hat. I made a little filigree in the sweater and hat to put ribbon through, and wanted that for my "theme". I found this beautiful blanket pattern that has yarn running through it that looks like ribbon. So, I started knitting. The blanket takes a double strand of yarn throughout, which makes it super soft, and nice and thick. I was not accustomed to knitting with two strands of yarn, and this became my journey. It tangled, got caught on my knitting basket (only at the worst times), and was generally a pain in the tookus. However, the more I knitted on this blanket the more beautiful it became.
The end result is shown here. It is just beautiful, and it all goes together so perfectly.
Now available in my Etsy Store

Friday, October 16, 2009

A Salute to A Wonderful Etsy Seller

Her name is Margaret, and she is what Etsy is all about. She is crafty, imaginitive, creative, and knows how to treat her customers.
"Local Gringos" is a "Must See" store for those who knit, crochet, stitch or work with fabric or sewing.
First, there is the hand cream. It is Yummy!!!! In various wonderful flavors and scents, you can get a marvelous selection with the little "sampler" pack, and try one at a time to see which one you will order over and over. My sister picked the lavender & sage, and I picked the citrus and cilantro. This hand cream not only smells wonderful, it keeps your fingers free of all those little cracks that get caught on the thread, yarn or fabric. And,!!! it is all natural. I recommend it highly, expecially if you do any embroidery or cross stictch.

Second, she has these Fabric Care Tags for those of us who knit items for resale. It makes me feel that my items are so very special when I send one out with one of her beautiful "Hand Knit Care Tags". They are beautifully done, and are a special compliment to all the work that goes in to knitting something by hand. She also has postcards, with the knitting theme, stationery, mugs, wall art.......... the list goes on.

It is easy to see that she loves doing this, and upon reading her profile, you get the essence of a person you want to get to know a little better.

From her profile:
I'm an archaeologist-turned-artist, a former resident of Texas and Belize, currently living at 7,000 feet in the Sandia Mountains of New Mexico with hubbie + 4 dogs + 4 cats. Now a Knitter, graphic designer, and confirmed fiber-holic!What got me started with Etsy was the huge collection of vintage photographs, postcards and other Fiber Arts images I have amassed over the years that need to see the light of day. Looking for ways to preserve and share these wonderful pictures, I began creating collages ... which have lately turned into a collection of altered art cards I call "kNotes for kNitters". Then came my "Unfortu-Notes" series, in which very strange things happen to presumably good people ...Stay tuned for more cards, and more collections (cooks? archaeologists!) as I dream them up.
Take a look at her store.........you will love it!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A wedding Request

A little over a week ago I got a "Etsy convo" from a girl who wanted a grey (yes, grey) sweater for her one & 1/2 yr old niece for a wedding. I thought grey???? Then she said the wedding was Oct. 24th. ..... Yikes!! Well, I made the sweater in the style she chose, and it is just toooo sweet.

The girl sent me a picture of the birdesmaid dresses which are also grey, and they are very simple, stunning, and chic.

Well, I knit myself crazy with this one. I really wanted to get it done with time to spare. First, I had to order the darn yarn..... who keeps grey yarn for babies on hand? Then, just as I got going on the sweater, I went to the dentist, had a little episode, and landed in the emergency room for a day. How frustrating, knowing that my knitting was sitting there at home in the basket by my chair, and I was in a hospital bed. Aarrrgh!

Well, I finished the sweater, and off it went today. In plenty of time.

Sometimes you just have to persevere, have faith in God, and keep plugging along.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just For Me

Well, I finally did something just for me.

A few years ago my Sister came to visit, and we did our "thing", and went to A C Moore. While there, I bought a kit for this little needlepoint card carrier/purse. This kit has sat all this time in the drawer just waiting for me to give it some attention.

A few weeks ago I was cleaning out some dawers and came across this, and had to smile... thinking of my special sister, and the good times we have when together. I grabbed the needlepoint and started working on it, and it is finally done, and I am using it!

The zipper unzips on all 4 sides, which makes it really nice for all those odd cards we get. Rewards cards, discount cards, Rx cards, pharmacy cards, .. they seem to go on and on these days. A regular credit card holder or the area in your wallet for cards is never large enough to hold all this extra stuff.

Now I have a place for these extras yiippppeeeee! Not only that, I made it and it is pretty.

Monday, October 12, 2009

New Pillow Cover

I did finish the pillow cover with the "leaf" design, and it came out sooo much nicer than I could have imagined. The yarn is a soft acrylic, and it is a joy to put this piece up to one's face, I can just imagine it for a nap on a rainy (or snowy) afternoon.
It certainly was fun watching the leaf emerge as I knit row after row. I did put buttons on the back of this one, and I am very please with how this turned out.
The color is a soft powder blue for those that love the shabby chic and cottage style.
This pillow cover is listed in my Etsy store.

Meantime, I am getting some dental work done, and the trauma stories I could tell would curl your toes. Not from the dental work, but outside forces seem to be at work here.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lil Chick Tote is finished

I finished the Lil Chick Tote, and despite the fact that canvas is almost impossible to embroider on, it came out absolutely the cutest!!

I have it for sale at my 2nd Etsy Store. It is always such fun to put things in this store, as it is full of the things that I just have fun doing. No rhyme or reason... just fun things to play with.

I am working on some custom orders at the moment, so my "fun things" are on the back burner. Makes my fingers itch! I have so many fun things I want to play with. Hope it is a long winter (ugh!)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Camera Working--- These are my gifts

When my brother (Butch) and my sister (Taffy) came to visit they brought gifts. My sister said "pick one", and she had a bag just full of goodies. I picked the pillow that says "summer house". I just love it, and it reminds me of my wonderful home town that is full of "summer houses". I love the flagpole right in front of the house.

My brother is making these marvelous and lovely needle threaders. The one in the picture is made just for me. You see, at one time I drove an 18 wheeler cross-country. He made the handle for the threader in the form of a "stick shift". How clever. The end of the gear shift has a magnet embedded so if I drop my needle I can get it with the magnet. Again, how clever. I love the idea of having a needle threader I can actually get a grip on. He has these for sale in many sizes ans styles, and they can be purchased through my sister from her blog.

The third item -- a pin cushion... well, I kinda just took it. My brother made the base. It is made of "bloodwood", which is real special. Then my sister cross stitched the top. I am thrilled to have such a beautiful item in my posession that represents them both. How special.

Thanks to all who have been patient. But, finally I am back

I think I am back!!

It has been a long haul. I have not been feeling up to par, and it has been all I could do to just sit and knit and crochet. I decided today would be the big day to get back to my blog... but there always seems to be an obstacle.

"Obstacles are frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals"

My camera battery is dead. The charger got unplugged, so when I went to take a picture for my blog to show off.... no go. I am blogging anyway, camera or no camera. Yesterday I got my teeth fairly well taken care of, and will soon have nice new back teeth --- the better to eat you--- errr--- steak with.
My sister and brother have been here, and brought me some wonderful things.... if I only had my camera. I have finished some great stuff...... If I only had a camera.

Stay tuned..........

Blessings to all