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Friday, October 9, 2009

Camera Working--- These are my gifts

When my brother (Butch) and my sister (Taffy) came to visit they brought gifts. My sister said "pick one", and she had a bag just full of goodies. I picked the pillow that says "summer house". I just love it, and it reminds me of my wonderful home town that is full of "summer houses". I love the flagpole right in front of the house.

My brother is making these marvelous and lovely needle threaders. The one in the picture is made just for me. You see, at one time I drove an 18 wheeler cross-country. He made the handle for the threader in the form of a "stick shift". How clever. The end of the gear shift has a magnet embedded so if I drop my needle I can get it with the magnet. Again, how clever. I love the idea of having a needle threader I can actually get a grip on. He has these for sale in many sizes ans styles, and they can be purchased through my sister from her blog.

The third item -- a pin cushion... well, I kinda just took it. My brother made the base. It is made of "bloodwood", which is real special. Then my sister cross stitched the top. I am thrilled to have such a beautiful item in my posession that represents them both. How special.

Thanks to all who have been patient. But, finally I am back

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  1. You did a great job with the photo. I have been selling the threaders so fast - - I hate to post to the blog. Maybe next week I will get to that. Tomorrow I have a Christmas shopper I promised could see the inventory first..... then I have a few shops that might carry the threaders. It is certainly a busy time.