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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Christening Layette

I recently decided I wanted to do a baby set that would be suitable for a christening. I didn't realize I would be going on a journey.
I first did a white sweater, then a white hat. Next, I had to find a blanket that would fit the sweater and hat. I made a little filigree in the sweater and hat to put ribbon through, and wanted that for my "theme". I found this beautiful blanket pattern that has yarn running through it that looks like ribbon. So, I started knitting. The blanket takes a double strand of yarn throughout, which makes it super soft, and nice and thick. I was not accustomed to knitting with two strands of yarn, and this became my journey. It tangled, got caught on my knitting basket (only at the worst times), and was generally a pain in the tookus. However, the more I knitted on this blanket the more beautiful it became.
The end result is shown here. It is just beautiful, and it all goes together so perfectly.
Now available in my Etsy Store

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