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Thursday, May 28, 2009


This is my latest "UFO" (UnFinished Object). However, it won't take long and it will be a finished baby sweater and in my store. I just love the way this new yarn makes it's own stripes. It is Bernat Baby Jaquard. Although, the yarn often leaves a lot to be desired. It has way too many knots, and my friend got several skeins with machine oil on them. It's like the little girl with a curl. When it is good it is very, very good, and when it is bad it is horrid.

I particularly like this pattern because I can do it all in one piece on straight needles. Working with circular needles is often easier, but I personally think that the straight needles give me a more even stitch. The pattern is easy, and goes fast, and always comes out really nice.

The kitchen towel that is pictured in one of my older blogs has found a new home. My daughter finally paid attention, and saw it in my kitchen. "Oh Mom....... I love it and it is my colors". Of course, it went home with her, and I am knitting her another one, and, one for myself (again).

The weather here has been very rainy, foggy, and cold and damp. Very, very bad for me. It is all I can do to get dressed in the morning and make my bed. (So, sometimes I don't) I really need a couple of dry sunny days to catch up on some housework.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

May God Bless our troops, and all those who have died and those who now fight for our freedom.

Don't forget to say "Thank you".

Saturday, May 23, 2009


No picture this time.... Just updates.

No. 1............... The swiffer cover is a go. It does a great job of picking up dirt, dust, hair, and anything else that is residing on your floor. It is not meant for using as a wet mop, but if I can stop buying swiffer dry cloths, I am that much ahead, and so is the planet.

No. 2............... My "stash" is all cleaned out, sorted, and put away, hopefully in some kind of order. I did throw away two large bags of unusable yarn, and I had two large bags I am passing around to my knitting friends before I donate the remainder to charity. Our local senior center will get some and the local art center will get some for their children's programs.
Everyone is a winner with this project.
I would take a picture of the end result, but it is in a closet, and taking a picture is not feasable.

Ok everyone......... sit back, relax, have a cup of coffee or tea and join me in celebrating my temporary orderliness . Yes, temporary. I know that within 6 months it will be a mess again, and I will be starting all over.

Friday, May 22, 2009

My Stash

"What the heck are you doing???", you say. I am sorting my yarn stash. Yup, that is my yarn stash piled all over my Queen size bed. It has grown to the point of being unmanageable. What you don't see in the pictures is the two large bags I threw away, and the two large bags I will give away.
Much of the yarn I didn't remember having!! How nice..... like going to the yarn store in my storage closet. I have found some really neat pink yarn from a long time ago that will make some really nice hand warmers. I found some wonderful yarn for some men's hats and scarves, and some absolutely lovely yarn that I sill have to think about before I commit to anything.
I think this has put a stop to buying any more yarn for quite a while. Recently, I bought some yarn for a baby sweater, and today I discovered I already had that particular yarn, but at the bottom of the heap. And, that is what it was in my storage closet... just a heap. Then, there was the heap in my clothes closet that rested on my shoes, and the heap in my den that I just shoved into the corner.
I now have a box of UFO's (Unfinished objects), One is a pair of socks I was working on when I moved into this apartment in August of 2001. With only a few inches left to finish the pair of socks.....why, oh why didn't I finish them??? Another is a pair of mittens pretty much in the same condition. Another 1/2 hour and they will be done.........why didn't I finish them at the time? Only God knows.
My knitting partner from one of our upstairs apartments took a look at what I was doing as I was just finishing up piling everything onto my bed. Her eyes got real big and she burst into song: "Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty" and we threw our hand into the air. It's a good thing we have a sense of humor, or I might cry.
Stay tuned for wonderful things to come out of this stash. Hopefully ... lovely things and a smaller pile.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I finally have a prototype for my re-usable swiffer duster. Actually I found this pattern in a book called "Mason-Dixon Knitting". I knew all along that there must be a good way to knit something that could take the place of buying all those swiffer duster refills.

I used some leftover yarn to make this first one, and it came out pretty nice even with changing yarn in odd places. The pattern is a variation of an old dish cloth pattern, that has been adapted for the swiffer mop/duster thingy.

So now what, you say.............. I will be giving this to my German friend who is the most persnickety housecleaner alive. I will let her test it. After she has used it for a while, I will get back to you all with the results. From the looks and feel of this, I think the results could be good. I can depend on her being honest with me, and I shall pass it along to you good or bad.

We shall see........

Monday, May 18, 2009

Bad Weekend Turned into Good Weekend

Oh My!! This last weekend I was supposed to go and see the "Racing City Chorus" (barbershop) at their annual show. I say supposed... because I was very sick and couldn't go. What a disappointment. Instead, I had a very close relationship with my bathroom. Nuff said.

In between times, when I could function, I finished my scarf. I just love it. It is definitely one of those scarves that my daughter would call a sophisticated rag. It does look like an old rag, but looks delightful when worn. I love the washed denim look also.... a color you can put with just about anything...... like an old pair of jeans.

Also, this weekend, I read this book......... "The Letters"

Read my book review on the side. A great book you should put on the top of your "summer reading" list.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lucy's Cupboard

Today I am blogging about a fellow Etsy Artist. Her name is Beth, but the name of her store is Lucy's Cupboard. Beth does decorative painting, and has done this type of painting for 30 years. My Mom (God rest her soul) taught decorative painting, and, like Beth, would paint just about anything she could get her hands on. I remember when Mom painted our garbage cans, and the garbage men were sooooo careful when emptying our garbage into the truck. The had never seen garbage cans with pretty pink flowers painted on them.

Beth is that kind of person. Her store has little glass jars painted with beautiful flowers, and a papier mache box... also beautifully painted.

Stop by her store and take peek. I know, that even if you are not in the market for a little painted object, that her store will make you smile.

You can see her lovely things at http://lucyscupboard.etsy.com/

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sad Day

Today was not the best day for me. I will not post a picture, suffice it to say I had to give up my cat. I have had her for 6 years, and she was my constant companion. However, because of my medical condition, I couldn't do the Kitty Litter thing anymore, and the rest of her care was way more than I could handle. I tried for over a year to find a good home for her to no avail. Finally it got so bad I had to do something to save myself. I turned her over to the "Seniors or Seniors" program at the local shelter. That is where they place senior animals with senior citizens. Hopefully she will find some older person (the requirement is over 55) who is not only willing, but happy to take care of her little needs.

And so, sadly, I said Goodbye to Misty. I will miss her, but perhaps she will be just the ticket for someone who really needs her friendship.

Monday, May 11, 2009

My Latest Creation

Hope all the Mom's had a wonderful Mother's Day!!

My latest creation is similar to the green hippie style cell phone holder. They aren't' exactly alike, because I rarely make anything that is 2 alike. This is made with the same chenille yarn, and has faux suede fringe along with the chenille fringe. The beads and button closure are completely different from the green one. This one has large beads on the suede, and long oval beads on the chenille. I just love the color of this chenille. It is a rich, yummy mocha that makes me think of Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks. Chenille yarn is extremely hard to knit with. I think this may be the last of these.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


From all corners of the family I have received this picture of Ruby, my new best friend. Thought I would share....By the way,.....she is a boxer

More on My Weekend Travels

During my travels with the rental car this last weekend, I went to see my nephew, Buddy. Buddy has this wonderful dog. I can't remember the breed, but "Ruby" has almost no tail. Well, she fell in love with me and her little rear end waved back and forth like a windshield wiper in a bad storm. She is sooooo sweet. How could I not fall in love back!! I just wish I had a picture.

Buddy and his girl-friend Linda work at a resort in the Adirondacks on Lake George. During the winter there is no work, so Buddy has filled his time with woodworking. Pictured is a Needle-threader he made with Adirondack wood. It is just beautiful, and the workmanship is delightful to the eye. The gracefull curves are so elegant, and it narrows down at just the right spot to really get a good hold on it to get the thread through the needle. Definitely not one of those delicate aluminum hard to hold onto things we all buy at the store. I am honored that he gave me one of his creations, and will not only use it, but treasure it.

Friday, May 8, 2009

My Etsy Yarn Purchase

A while back I purchased some yarn on Etsy. This yarn is probably some of the prettiest and nicest to touch I have ever purchased. It is from http://yarntopiatreasures.etsy.com/. The price is extremely reasonable for the high quality of the yarn. It is a wool-silk blend, and the silk is what makes it so yummy to the touch. The colors, (she calles them ecru, mocha & chocolate) are handpainted. The richness of these colors are what made me love this yarn at first sight.

I loved this yarn so much that I put it in a bowl and put it on my coffee table. Everyone who sees it can't help but oooh and aaah and touch it.

Now, here it is for everyone to see.

Someday, I will make something for myself with it.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Working With My New Stash

Well, I rented a car for 3 days, and now I am exhausted. All that running around, I'm just not used to it. I must say I got a lot in, considering I only went out in the afternoons. And.... taaadaaa.... I got a Big Mac! Now that takes care of that craving for a few months.

I have already started the scarf for a friend. As you can see it is very blue. I think the picture is a brighter blue than the actual scarf. Anyway, I think it is very pretty, and may make myself one, as I grow more attached to this one every day. I am using a "carry-along" called "Joy", with a soft DK blue. There is a little bit of yellow and yellow-green in the carry-along which gives it character, and some depth.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I didn't think I would be posting while I had my rental car.... but.....

I went to the Fabulous yarn shop in downtown Saratoga Springs today - "Saratoga Needle Arts". and made my little purchase. I didn't spend as much as I thought I would. I guess I was trying to be too conservative with my hard earned cash.

Anyway, here is the result . Mostly, I got alpaca. That is the green and very pink in the back. A wonderful blend that is delightful and easy to work with. I also got some "flag" style carry-along to make a scarf for a friend that requested blue. I got a small ball of cream Sirdar, that although completely man-made, feels and works up like cashmere. Then .. in their sale bin, (and who can't resist the sale bin?) I got some peach carry-along that was just too pretty to pass up.

I think the alpaca will turn into wrist warmers and scarflettes for winter. The cream Sirdar will be a baby hat or perhaps baby leg warmers. The peach carry-along will become a scarf when I pair it with some peach angora I have that is just hanging around.

I can't wait to start working with this beautiful yarn, but must finish what I am working on first.

You now have a preview of what to expect for next fall.