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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I finally have a prototype for my re-usable swiffer duster. Actually I found this pattern in a book called "Mason-Dixon Knitting". I knew all along that there must be a good way to knit something that could take the place of buying all those swiffer duster refills.

I used some leftover yarn to make this first one, and it came out pretty nice even with changing yarn in odd places. The pattern is a variation of an old dish cloth pattern, that has been adapted for the swiffer mop/duster thingy.

So now what, you say.............. I will be giving this to my German friend who is the most persnickety housecleaner alive. I will let her test it. After she has used it for a while, I will get back to you all with the results. From the looks and feel of this, I think the results could be good. I can depend on her being honest with me, and I shall pass it along to you good or bad.

We shall see........

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  1. I made one of these and it works pretty good. I'm not the most persnickety housecleaner, but mine is over a year old and still looks good. When it is dirty I just throw it in the wash.

    I made mine out of Sugar and Cream in a very bright colorway.