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Monday, May 18, 2009

Bad Weekend Turned into Good Weekend

Oh My!! This last weekend I was supposed to go and see the "Racing City Chorus" (barbershop) at their annual show. I say supposed... because I was very sick and couldn't go. What a disappointment. Instead, I had a very close relationship with my bathroom. Nuff said.

In between times, when I could function, I finished my scarf. I just love it. It is definitely one of those scarves that my daughter would call a sophisticated rag. It does look like an old rag, but looks delightful when worn. I love the washed denim look also.... a color you can put with just about anything...... like an old pair of jeans.

Also, this weekend, I read this book......... "The Letters"

Read my book review on the side. A great book you should put on the top of your "summer reading" list.


  1. Ohhhh - - I will have to add this to my book list. Thanks for the tip. - Love Sis.