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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lacey Little Girl's Hat

This hat was such fun to make. It worked up easy with the angora yarn, and each row, as I built the foundation and it began to take shape was a new delight.

Now, all I can do is look at it and imagine it on a sweet little girl. At the beach, or a wedding this will look wonderful on any little one.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Finished Product

The pillow is finished. This time the cables are hard to see, but it sure looks nice on my wildly flowered sofa. The picture on the right shows the "envelope" style closing in the back making it easy to slip on and off for washing. Another time, I will probably add buttons to the back for a more professional look. This was quite easy, and I am anxious to do one that I can put in my store. I have designed (in my spare time) one with a leaf design, and another that will be all different bright colors in a geometric. I love the fact that most of it is mindless knitting, so I can take it with me to Dr.'s offices, watch a good movie or hold a reasonable conversation and still knit. Not too much of the "count every stitch" that doesn't lend itself well to other activities when one is of advanced age.

Now, I am off to finish the little flower for the lacey baby hat. Then, on to the next project. Or, maybe I should finish one that remains in my knitting basket as a UFO. We'll see.....

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm still here........

I really am still here knitting, etc. like crazy. I went to the Dr. and he put me on prednisone. So.. here come the shakes, and bloating, and the humongous hunger that goes with it. I should start feeling better, but it hasn't happened yet.
I have finished the pillow cover, and it is on the pillow. If I do say so myself, it looks pretty nice. I have finished a child's hat (lacy, crocheted, and very sweet), and tomorrow I will do the little flower that goes on it. I started a layette, but didn't like the yarn I was doing it with, so I rippppped and rippppped. The layette will be for my neighbor who is expecting a grand daughter in October. I ordered different yarn.
I made a scarf for "Dress for Success" as a donation, then added one of my purses with a tea tote (filled) in the purse. This is a wonderful cause, and I am delighted to be able to help someone get ahead.
In between all this I made a little gift for my brother-in-law for when he and my sister visit next month. He is so patient with us two sisters, and I love him dearly. It's just a little something - doesn't amount to much, but it says "I love you, and Thank You"
Soon as the sun shines again in this part of the woods I will be taking some pictures. Seems like we may never see the sun again. It is always dark a dreary these days.
Many blessings to everyone.... stay happy

Monday, August 17, 2009

Well, here I am trying very hard to feel better. Not making a lot of progress in that direction. I seem to have been productive though, as I have almost finished my knitting project. This is something entirely different for me... a pillow cover. I really like it, and for the most part it was mindless knitting, which has been just the ticket while I'm not feeling so well.

I'm not crazy about how the cables turned out. They are supposed to mirror each other, .. one slanting left.. the other slanting right..however, they look like entirely different cables.

I am fond of this though, and already have more patterns in mind to do more of these. I think possibly a bolster size might be nice too.

Meantime, I just keep on knitting whenever I am upright.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Still Busy

Even though I have been sick, I am still busy in between laying down and resting. I seem to be taking forever recovering from whatever bug I had.

This is just one project I am working on. a little tote that I am embroidering, and embellishing with a little felt bird. Making the bird was easy. A little felt and the scissors. The embroidery is another matter. Getting the needle to go through canvas is not as easy as it looks. I do, however, love the results so far. Since I took the picture, I have done the bird's legs, the flower stems and some of the leaves. It is going to be lovely. I will be putting this in my "2nd" store (Peppers2), as I consider this play.

The items in my 2nd store are things that I hope would make someone smile. Happy things, and this little tote is certainly going to be a happy thing.

Watch for the finished product sometime soon.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Plant Rescue

Some people rescue whales, or dogs, or children. Last week at the grocery store I saw this pretty pot on sale. I had to have it!! I put it in my cart, and wandered back to the flower department to see if they had anything worthy of this pretty pot. There they were - begonias - on sale. I spotted a yellow blossom, and picked up the plant. The poor thing was on it's last leg. No wonder it was on sale. The leaves were brown and crisp at the bottom, and there were at least three buds that had turned brown. What neglect!!

I, of course, had to buy this poor thing and rescue it if I could. I brought it home and tenderly took care of it - repotting, getting the soil just the right moistness, and giving it a little touch of Miracle Grow. I had to remove the bottom leaves, and the brown buds in order to make it healthy again.

Now I have these absolutely beautiful blossoms coming along (although on skinny bare stems). I couldn't help but take a picture. Actually, the picture doesn't do justice to the sweet blossoms that look like miniature roses.

Just wanted to share .........

Friday, August 7, 2009

No posts

I have been really sick for the last 3 days... sooo no new posts. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel well enough to get back in the groove.