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Monday, August 10, 2009

Plant Rescue

Some people rescue whales, or dogs, or children. Last week at the grocery store I saw this pretty pot on sale. I had to have it!! I put it in my cart, and wandered back to the flower department to see if they had anything worthy of this pretty pot. There they were - begonias - on sale. I spotted a yellow blossom, and picked up the plant. The poor thing was on it's last leg. No wonder it was on sale. The leaves were brown and crisp at the bottom, and there were at least three buds that had turned brown. What neglect!!

I, of course, had to buy this poor thing and rescue it if I could. I brought it home and tenderly took care of it - repotting, getting the soil just the right moistness, and giving it a little touch of Miracle Grow. I had to remove the bottom leaves, and the brown buds in order to make it healthy again.

Now I have these absolutely beautiful blossoms coming along (although on skinny bare stems). I couldn't help but take a picture. Actually, the picture doesn't do justice to the sweet blossoms that look like miniature roses.

Just wanted to share .........

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