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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Still Busy

Even though I have been sick, I am still busy in between laying down and resting. I seem to be taking forever recovering from whatever bug I had.

This is just one project I am working on. a little tote that I am embroidering, and embellishing with a little felt bird. Making the bird was easy. A little felt and the scissors. The embroidery is another matter. Getting the needle to go through canvas is not as easy as it looks. I do, however, love the results so far. Since I took the picture, I have done the bird's legs, the flower stems and some of the leaves. It is going to be lovely. I will be putting this in my "2nd" store (Peppers2), as I consider this play.

The items in my 2nd store are things that I hope would make someone smile. Happy things, and this little tote is certainly going to be a happy thing.

Watch for the finished product sometime soon.

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  1. Very cute tote!! I'm glad to hear you are on the mend but sorry you've been so sick!! Take care of you, Kathy!