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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Finished Product

The pillow is finished. This time the cables are hard to see, but it sure looks nice on my wildly flowered sofa. The picture on the right shows the "envelope" style closing in the back making it easy to slip on and off for washing. Another time, I will probably add buttons to the back for a more professional look. This was quite easy, and I am anxious to do one that I can put in my store. I have designed (in my spare time) one with a leaf design, and another that will be all different bright colors in a geometric. I love the fact that most of it is mindless knitting, so I can take it with me to Dr.'s offices, watch a good movie or hold a reasonable conversation and still knit. Not too much of the "count every stitch" that doesn't lend itself well to other activities when one is of advanced age.

Now, I am off to finish the little flower for the lacey baby hat. Then, on to the next project. Or, maybe I should finish one that remains in my knitting basket as a UFO. We'll see.....

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