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Saturday, December 26, 2009

It Is Taking Shape

I have been working on my present that my sister sent, and it is beginning to really look like something. It is lots of fun to do, and even though I save it for my "to do" while I'm doing my medical treatment (every 4 hours), I often extend the time and just keep right on working on it.
My neuropathy in my fingers means that I cannot feel the yarn. This makes life interesting, to say the least. This particular yarn is thin and light like a feather. Sometimes I spend more time figuring out if I have a hold on the yarn, or if I have a hand full of air. Once it is threaded on the needle though, I'm good to go. There is one small area that I am going to take out and do over. I'm just not satisfied with the way it looks.
I have the first crewel embroidery I ever did, and the first needlepoint I ever did, and they both are framed and hang in my bathroom. This will never go in my bathroom!! It is just too beautiful, and will get a prominent spot where people can ooooh and aaaah when they enter the room.
I will post another picture when it is fully finished.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Book for Crocheters

Recently, I received a wonderful book from my friend, Dottie, in Florida. This isn't "just a friend", we have been friends since 2nd grade. We went through grade school and high school together, double dated, had sleep-overs, and all the things young ones do. We lost track of each other for several years until someone decided to have a "Grade School Reunion". We picked up where we left off just like we had seen each other yesterday. Dottie is also crafty, like I am, however, she doesn't knit... she crochets. She thought I would like this book, since I also crochet.

"Hooked For Life, Adventures of a Crochet Zealot" is a marvelous book, with somemthing for the crocheter and knitter alike. The author writes of her stash, which her daughter named "Mount Yarn", and UFO's (unfinished objects) and WIP's (works in progress). She writes of different types of yarn, and all the styles of crocheting. She even goes into the history of crocheting. All this with a wonderful sense of humor that keeps you smiling and nodding in agreeement throughout the book.

She writes on crochet in public.. "I am rarely without a hook and a ball of yarn within grabbing distance. It's as if I have a wooly umbilical cord that will only let me get so far away from the possibility of needlework, and I don't want to get too far lest it snap and cut off some vital nuitrients. Crochet, for me, is an ambulatory mood-altering substance that is both completely legal and unlikely to spill and make a mess." Author: Mary Beth Temple

I know there are several crocheters, and also knitters out there with the same feeling.

I loved this book so much, that I went out and purchased one for a dear crocheting friend that needs a smile about now, and my copy will be passed along to other crocheters so that they might also enjoy the smiles and giggles that I had.

If you are into yarn at all for any reason I highly recommend this wonderful book.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Back Again with a completed project (almost)

I must admit I have been sick. Some kind of stomach thing going around. I won't bore you with details.
I did, however, finish embroidering this wonderful Queen Anne's Lace. A few hundred french knots and ta da!! .. done. Actually this was fun to do. Now, all I need is the inspiration to do something with it. I am totally undecided. Should I put it on a pillow cover??, or should I just frame it??. Putting it on a pillow cover is a lot more work than framing it. In fact, I might just put it in a hoop, put a backing on it and wha la... done. I do know that the simpler the better with this one. Anything fancy would take away from the embroidery. I do intend to put a white bow where the little leaf is that holds the stems together. Just a small one.
Any more ideas?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My B-Day Gift

Well, I opened my gift and here it is. An unusual gift, but a very special one indeed. I saw this kit quite some time ago, and called my sister and told her I was absolutely in love with this style of stitching, (it's called "long stitch") and I loved the theme, however the price of the kit was beyond me. I said maybe some day I would splurge. She remembered!! Now, I can't wait to finish up my current project and do this one. It looks like fun, looks pretty easy, and I do like the look of the finished product.

A big thank you out there for my little sister!!!