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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Back Again with a completed project (almost)

I must admit I have been sick. Some kind of stomach thing going around. I won't bore you with details.
I did, however, finish embroidering this wonderful Queen Anne's Lace. A few hundred french knots and ta da!! .. done. Actually this was fun to do. Now, all I need is the inspiration to do something with it. I am totally undecided. Should I put it on a pillow cover??, or should I just frame it??. Putting it on a pillow cover is a lot more work than framing it. In fact, I might just put it in a hoop, put a backing on it and wha la... done. I do know that the simpler the better with this one. Anything fancy would take away from the embroidery. I do intend to put a white bow where the little leaf is that holds the stems together. Just a small one.
Any more ideas?


  1. I think it's beautiful - just frame it!

  2. Very pretty. It would make a nice pillow. JMO

  3. Simple and elegant! Whatever you decide to do, it will be beautiful!