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Saturday, December 26, 2009

It Is Taking Shape

I have been working on my present that my sister sent, and it is beginning to really look like something. It is lots of fun to do, and even though I save it for my "to do" while I'm doing my medical treatment (every 4 hours), I often extend the time and just keep right on working on it.
My neuropathy in my fingers means that I cannot feel the yarn. This makes life interesting, to say the least. This particular yarn is thin and light like a feather. Sometimes I spend more time figuring out if I have a hold on the yarn, or if I have a hand full of air. Once it is threaded on the needle though, I'm good to go. There is one small area that I am going to take out and do over. I'm just not satisfied with the way it looks.
I have the first crewel embroidery I ever did, and the first needlepoint I ever did, and they both are framed and hang in my bathroom. This will never go in my bathroom!! It is just too beautiful, and will get a prominent spot where people can ooooh and aaaah when they enter the room.
I will post another picture when it is fully finished.


  1. Oh, that's beautiful! It definitly deserves a place of prominence!