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Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Like It ! uh huh, uh huh

Je t'aime... and some little flowers on monet linen. How good does it get!
The linen is some my sister sent me, and I always said "I like it" when I came across it while chosing linen for my embroidery. When I saw t his "J t"aime" embroidery, I knew I had the right thing for this cloth. I intend to put it in a hoop frame, and put it in my Peppers2 store. This was really fun to do. especially chosing the floss. For the flowers, I used two different colors together.
The little bird has just been transered to linen , and will be my next project in embroidery. You can see the floss colors I have chosen, with bright red for the bird. I will use two colors together (again) for the pine cone.

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  1. The fabric is perfect for your project. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. *big grin* I am glad to see you back on line.