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Sunday, January 31, 2010

One More Thing.......Our future in good hands

I live in Senior Housing, a 2 story building with 36 individual apartments. Yesterday, we had a luncheon for the immediate family of our friend and neighbor Audrey.
Her 11 children and their spouses, 28 grandchildren - including some spouses, and great grand children. Approximately 50 people -- or more.
We had this luncheon in our community room and it spilled over into our lobby.
There were many..many teens, and tweens amoung this large group. I was, as I watched this beautiful family, very impressed. With all those children, there was not one with a pouty (I-can't-be-with-my-friends) face or sulking. They did not run around, and they were not obnoxiously boisterous. There was, I saw some friendly teasing and cajolling. Mostly, there was respect and courtesy. Not just with the adults, but with one another. One could see all these children had a mutual love for each other that almost seemed to make them like a single unit.
Audrey raised her children with rules and lots of love, and taught them well. Now, I can see her children are doing the same for their children.
This is Audrey's legacy....... and the world will be a better place for a long time to come.

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