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Saturday, May 9, 2009

More on My Weekend Travels

During my travels with the rental car this last weekend, I went to see my nephew, Buddy. Buddy has this wonderful dog. I can't remember the breed, but "Ruby" has almost no tail. Well, she fell in love with me and her little rear end waved back and forth like a windshield wiper in a bad storm. She is sooooo sweet. How could I not fall in love back!! I just wish I had a picture.

Buddy and his girl-friend Linda work at a resort in the Adirondacks on Lake George. During the winter there is no work, so Buddy has filled his time with woodworking. Pictured is a Needle-threader he made with Adirondack wood. It is just beautiful, and the workmanship is delightful to the eye. The gracefull curves are so elegant, and it narrows down at just the right spot to really get a good hold on it to get the thread through the needle. Definitely not one of those delicate aluminum hard to hold onto things we all buy at the store. I am honored that he gave me one of his creations, and will not only use it, but treasure it.

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