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Friday, October 16, 2009

A Salute to A Wonderful Etsy Seller

Her name is Margaret, and she is what Etsy is all about. She is crafty, imaginitive, creative, and knows how to treat her customers.
"Local Gringos" is a "Must See" store for those who knit, crochet, stitch or work with fabric or sewing.
First, there is the hand cream. It is Yummy!!!! In various wonderful flavors and scents, you can get a marvelous selection with the little "sampler" pack, and try one at a time to see which one you will order over and over. My sister picked the lavender & sage, and I picked the citrus and cilantro. This hand cream not only smells wonderful, it keeps your fingers free of all those little cracks that get caught on the thread, yarn or fabric. And,!!! it is all natural. I recommend it highly, expecially if you do any embroidery or cross stictch.

Second, she has these Fabric Care Tags for those of us who knit items for resale. It makes me feel that my items are so very special when I send one out with one of her beautiful "Hand Knit Care Tags". They are beautifully done, and are a special compliment to all the work that goes in to knitting something by hand. She also has postcards, with the knitting theme, stationery, mugs, wall art.......... the list goes on.

It is easy to see that she loves doing this, and upon reading her profile, you get the essence of a person you want to get to know a little better.

From her profile:
I'm an archaeologist-turned-artist, a former resident of Texas and Belize, currently living at 7,000 feet in the Sandia Mountains of New Mexico with hubbie + 4 dogs + 4 cats. Now a Knitter, graphic designer, and confirmed fiber-holic!What got me started with Etsy was the huge collection of vintage photographs, postcards and other Fiber Arts images I have amassed over the years that need to see the light of day. Looking for ways to preserve and share these wonderful pictures, I began creating collages ... which have lately turned into a collection of altered art cards I call "kNotes for kNitters". Then came my "Unfortu-Notes" series, in which very strange things happen to presumably good people ...Stay tuned for more cards, and more collections (cooks? archaeologists!) as I dream them up.
Take a look at her store.........you will love it!!


  1. The hand creams sound yummy. Yes the hands of many crafters get abused from using paint and chemicals to working with paper, yarns and fabric which can be so drying !

  2. I can smell the scents already. lol
    I have to check it out. My hands are always destroyed after working in the grout.