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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Computer Vacation

Well, I don't know if my computer was sick or just wanted some time off, but it has been "down" since Monday morning. I called the computer Doctor, and he came out and -- guess what-- it decided to work all of a sudden. Then, the next day, same thing, --not working. So, here comes the computer Dr. again. He put in a new power supply, and we were up and running, however, he forgot to tell the computer there was something new, and I couldn't get on line. Back came the Dr., and informed the computer that it was ok to be on line. So, now I think I'm set to go. What an ordeal!!
Normally, I have "Wordless Wednesday", where I show off some of my photographs from when I was well enough to go out and take them. Today, we'll call it "wordy" Wednesday. Since I had to tell everyone of my sick computer. We will do a "wordless" day soon, with a new photo for all to dream with.

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