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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Grand Daughters

My grand daughter Michelle (18 yrs old) just stopped by, and the little "hippie" phone holder I posted yesterday ....gone. She really loved it. Now, I ask you, what can a Grandma say? She has beautiful red hair, so the green will look wonderful on her. Seems that the "hippie" look is very "in" with the young ones.

She also took the lariat - picture above... before I even have had a chance to post it. It looked really good on her, and again I couldn't say no. Then, to add insult to injury she loved my new necklace so much I gave it to her.
She is a delightful person, who has had a really hard time this past year. She has come out of it a stronger person in some ways, and in other ways it has hurt her terribly. How difficult it must be to be a young person today, with all the problems in the world at their finger tips on the web and TV. Perhaps all these electronic gadgets aren't that great. It is so hard to keep a child a child. They grow up with problems and worries that, as a child, I wouldn't even have thought of yet.

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