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Friday, April 24, 2009

This hat is being modeled by my grand daughter Michelle - with her beautiful red hair. The hat has been in my store for quite a while, and I'm surprised that no one has prchased it. I'm wondering if the fact that I put it on a live model turns people off. Would you buy something that had been on a live model?
Whatever the reason, I think it looks absolutely beautiful on her, and would wonderful on most anyone.
I used black & white, and a little silver fun fur to make this and it was as much fun to make as it looks.
The hat is in my store .. http://pepper2.etsy.com .. and can be found most easily by looking in the "hat" section.
I am just finishing up a granny square baby blanket that came out really nice. Will post tomorrow.


  1. I love that hat! It's so funky!


  2. Awesome hat , will be following your Blog from now on .