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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Since it is Sunday, I thought I would share something I did last week in my apartment. It is vinyl wall art. It looks like I painted it on the wall, however, it is a sort-of sticker. I purchased it from http://householdwords.etsy.com/ and it comes with sticky paper attached to it. You just position it on the wall (or wherever you like - frig, shower stall, window, etc.), and peel the sticky paper off and presto a beautiful mural. They come in all sorts of different types.... flowers, branches, birds, sports, animals, etc.

I really really love mine. Every morning I have this little birdie to greet me in the kitchen. Can't help but smile. They aren't expensive, and a truly neat way to dress up a blank space.

Now, I'm thinking about getting the squirrel to keep my birdie company. I would put the squirrel over the sink.

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