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Friday, July 24, 2009

Featuring Another Etsy Artisan

There are so many artists on Etsy that have oodles of talent, and huge amounts of "niceness".

The other day I was shopping for a pot to hold my new begonia plant, and came across Danceswithclay. Her work is stunning!! She loves making pottery, and is inspired by nature ... leaves, shells, butterflies, etc. This shows in the items that she makes. She also likes the patina of the weathered look, which makes her designs very rich looking.. I did fall in love with her pots.

However, she did not offer the little saucer that goes under the pot to catch the drips. I sent her a little conversation saying I wished she had the saucers. She answered me back saying why (weeping of the water through this type of pottery), and offered to make me a saucer at no charge. Now, Ladies and Gentlemen.........This is what Etsy Artists do. They have the most beautiful items in the world, and will go out of their way to make you happy - just like you were in their shop in person.

Well, by that time, I had already purchased another pot from another artist. But because Dancingwithclay was so thoughtful, and her work so delightful, I thought featuring her here would make up a little for the lost sale. (mine)

She also makes porcelain clay birds......just because she enjoys it, and loves doing it. They are absolutely beautiful and do make me smile when I see them.

Her items are reasonably priced, and I'm sure you will get the same personal treatment that I did when you visit her store.


  1. the little bird is just so cute, and the talent on etsy is amazing

  2. I love the starfish planter! I'm off to check out this shop.

  3. What a beautiful pot and cute bird!! There are indeed so many talented artisans and crafters on Etsy! Thanks, Pepper!