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Friday, July 10, 2009

New Ideas Take Shape

I met this marvelous Etsy designer of cross stitch charts, and asked her if she could do her designs in embroidery. This was about a week ago.

We have had such fun... e-mailing back and forth and sharing life and giggles, and coming up with digital stamps for her store.

Her designs are of Chinese characters, and she does have the translations for all of them. She sent me this design...........Translation: "Freedom".........., and I am embroidering it for myself. She had some issues with size and placement of the characters, but we have all that ironed out, and her digital stamps are going to be up in her store this coming weekend.

Her store is DPeaGreenDesigns, and currently contains many beautiful cross stitch designs. As soon as she gets her "digital stamps" up on her site, I will be purchasing the "peace" Chinese character to embroider for my store peppers2, and possibly to do a nice greeting or notecard with it.

Take a look at her store..... she has lovely things.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you Kathy!! It is an honor to see one of my designs being used to create a beautiful handcrafted piece of art! I have listed a slightly different style of the same freedom symbol in my shop: http://bit.ly/Lvt2W

    I appreciate your help & friendship!