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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Pine Cone Project

Browsing through my "Favorite Sellers", I came across The "Pine Cone Project" at the Northernlodge store on Etsy. It seems that the store owner's 17 year old daughter has been out collecting pine cones in the mountains of Colorado to sell to crafters like me to pay for her school clothes for her Senior year of school. I found this all very refreshing. No spoiled little girl with her hand out here. Not only is she resourcefull, but she is very creative with this endeavor.

Here is a excerpt from the pine cone description:

"We live in the woods in Colorado-so we have an ABUNDANCE of pinecones. Our trees are just starting to drop their cones-so all of these will be FRESH-no overwintered, grayed out, or damaged cones. All of these are beautiful reddish tones, and have a great pine smell. The cones are a mixture of Ponderosa pine, Pinon pine and Douglas fir.

Each cone type is displayed in the pictures posted here.Pinon cones are 1" across x 1.5 inches tall, Ponderosa average 3.5 tall x 2.5 wide-but we can handpick larger ones if you like. Douglas fir cones are 1 inch wide X 2 inches long.They are PERFECT for crafts, potpourri, wreaths, fire starters, or display.

The ponderosa cones also make GREAT bird feeders-we will send you directions if you want to make these with your little ones. This is a kid-friendly project and the birds in your area will LOVE you."

She goes on to give a complete description of each kind of pine cone and all the wonderful qualities of each one.

If you could use some pine cones for your crafty projects, or to decorate your house or some other wonderful thing, this girl deserves your consideration.

I think the world is in good hands with young people like this coming along to take care of it.



  1. That is so wonderful. Thanks for featuring them.

  2. I'm going to check this out! I LOVE pinecones! Thanks for the heads-up!