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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Actual Lunch Time Doodles

Here is a "doodle" I did while sitting with nothing else to do with my hands. It started out as a light pencil scratch then I got down to business, and actually did the design. Thank goodness for erasures, because I used it quite often....over and over.

Then, I finally got what I had in my head. I went over it again with the pencil, then used transfer paper to get the design onto some material.

Now I am embroidering the design on the small piece of material. I will be using small white beads for the little drops of snow.

Then, the final process - I will glue it onto a blank card. And, there it is.. a Christmas Card.... A really pretty one.

I have an idea to do one with a Christmas tree..... That will be in the works when this is done.


  1. You are so very creative!!!

  2. cute! wow you are really prepared for Christmas!.. I usually do a last minute scramble in late November!

  3. Very cute! Definitely a neat way to prep for Christmas.