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Monday, June 22, 2009


It's been a while since I udated my little blog here. I have been busy, but the weather has me under the weather!! It has been very very humid, with showers and rain every day. This does not do well for me. And, there seems to be no end to it. Every day I spend more and more time laying down on the couch, even though I sleep 8 hours every night. (Fitfull sleep).

Enough of that!! I did do this little embroidery. I call it "Dancing Daisies". As they said in the embroidery guild....They really do look like they are dancing. This was fun to do, and it makes me smile.

I'm crocheting some small purple flowers (violets?), and I think I shall put them on a notecard like I did the pink flowers. They are so little and so cute.

I am also working on getting a blanket done for the linus project.

Like I said... I have been busy.... just a slower busy than usual.

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