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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pretty Lace Collar

This collar was knit with bamboo yarn. The yarn is really, really soft. Bamboo yarn is the latest yarn craze, what with all the talk about trying to save the environment. Now they tell us that the processing of this yarn takes a multitude of chemicals, and the processing to make it into yarn is very destructive.

So much for going natural.

What could be more natural than the wool of a sheep or alpacca? I think from now on I will be using the wonderful wool that our animals give us.

Speaking of which, I have recently purchased some "Mink" yarn. It is collected from the wee animals when they shed, and spun into a lovely extra soft yarn that is yummy. It is very much like alpacca - worsted weight -, but much softer.

Meantime, I love this collar!! It really is very soft, so no itching or scratching on the neck. The color is great for setting off a plain sweater, and does wonders for the complexion. You can find this for sale at my Etsy store. Now, I just might make myself one.

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